2019/12/12 聲明啟事 / DECLARATION



ㄧ、認識臺灣靈巖山寺全球資訊網 / Getting to Know Taiwan Lingyen Mountain Temple (Global Information Network)

  本寺稟承開山方丈 上妙下蓮老和尚慈教,開山三十二週年來,依止古叢林芳規,恪遵持戒念佛、念佛持戒之淨土宗風。僧眾平日作息生活簡樸自約,以杜絕外緣,不接觸外界視聽資訊、網路交流為僧團規制,惟安愚守分,一心辦道,上行下化,普利群萌。




    Taiwan Lingyen Mountain Temple abides by the teachings of the Founding Abbot—Venerable Master Miao Lian ever since the establishment of the monastery in 1987. We follow the daily routine of ancient monasteries and the practice of the Pure Land School, abiding by the precepts while being mindful of the Buddha. The Sangha members of the Temple do not use the Internet and abstain from the media and mass communication, single-mindedly devoting themselves to spiritual cultivation to the benefit of Buddhism and the society.

    Since the Founding Abbot entered into nirvana, in honor of his lasting spirit and great vows, his monastic and lay disciples set their mind to closer examination of their spiritual progress. Furthermore, in accordance with his will, we as his disciples reform the constitution of the Sangha and revive Sangha education by following the footsteps of the Five Great Bodhisattvas to have Great Compassion, Wisdom, Practice, Vow, and Virtue to realize the Lingyen Way of Bodhi. Our guiding principles of self-cultivation and benefiting others are the spirit of the Pure Land, the Scriptures, and the Precepts Schools. Our education is modeled on the monastic way of group discussions and teamwork. We also devote ourselves to the training of Sangha leadership. We hope that, through working in unity and putting words into practice, we contribute to the propagation of Buddhism and the well-being of the society, thus continuing and paying homage to the Founding Abbot’s will and great vows.

    Lately, the Temple at times received enquiries from followers about some Internet information released by questionable individuals or certain institution which seemed to resemble the Temple’s overseas branch. In view of safeguarding purity, the Sangha members of the Temple looked carefully over this issue, and, though being very unwilling, made the decision to have a team of professional lay practitioners to set up, maintain, and regularly update Taiwan Lingyen Mountain Temple’s single and only official website. We formally declare: “Any institution which deviates from the Founding Abbot’s mandate and teachings is not his Dharma heir; therefore, such an institution and what it may disseminate and propagate have nothing to do with Taiwan Lingyen Mountain Temple.”

 We sincerely hope that anyone who comes across Taiwan Lingyen Mountain Temple can be better informed in proper views on Buddhism. Through the cultivation of our Buddha Nature, we will be able to open up our inner wisdom and attain ultimate deliverance. In so doing, we are truly following the Founding Abbot’s spiritual guidance and handing down his invaluable heritage.

二、匯款帳戶 / Remittance Account


 Taiwan Lingyen Mountain Temple accepts bank transfers. Our accounts are shown below. We formally declare that any attempts at soliciting monetary funds to be transferred to bank accounts other than those listed above have nothing to do with Taiwan Lingyen Mountain Temple.


          1) 郵局劃撥帳號:2258-6390

          2) 合作金庫銀行(埔里分行)



          1) 郵局劃撥帳號:2254-8447

          2) 合作金庫銀行(西屯分行)


(3)外幣專戶 (Foreign Currency Account)

          Beneficiary's account with bank.





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